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Counterstrike | Interview |DnB

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After Justin Scholtmeyer from Counterstrike visited Colombia, the CCPAR is pleased to present the following interview in which Justin talks about how he got involved in the Drum & Bass scene, his music influences, his imprint and perceptions in this genre that has been gaining huge importance during the last decade in Colombia.

Hi Justin, we are so happy to talk to you! Could you please share with our readers how did you discover drum & bass and how did you get into your DJing/music career?

In 1994 me and my friends used to go to this club called The Gel. It was the kinda place geared towards ravers and trippers. Psychedelic digital decorations. All sorts of new electronic music being played. I remember one night walking out of the club when I felt this disgusting bass rumble with these impossibly fast breakbeats flowing over the top. That turned out to be jungle. I was hooked instantly. The next day I went to a record store and bought all the jungle CD’s and vinyl I could find, which wasn’t much. I think I found Jungle Tekno Volume 6 and 7 CD’s and Firefox and DJ Easy vinyl. I slowly built up a collection of vinyl and I taught myself to DJ with a really shitty turntable and a tapedeck. My first DJ gig was in 1995.

The origin of drum and bass is rooted and combined sounds like Hardcore, Techno, Acid House, Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Rap, Breakbeat hardcore, etc. What defines your drum and bass style?, Which elements do you use in the present?

What really inspired me to start production is when I heard a distorted reece bassline for the first time. Anything from the Nico’s No U-Turn Black label. That was 1996 or so. That blew my mind. It was a throwback to the industrial music I used to listen to before I got into Techno and House in the early 90’s. I love distortion. Maybe too much sometimes.


How do you do to keep your own sound alive with that many emerging styles in drum and bass and breaks?

Basically I just see my own songs as DJ tools to go with the other songs I play. So I just make music that would fit into my set. I guess by doing this I’m keeping unconsciously keeping my sound current and it constantly evolves with the way drum & bass evolves.

If you would have to choose a piece of the history of the drum and bass movement that represents the more sacred memory for you, which one would you pick?

I was at the very first No U-Turn and Renegade Hardware party at The End called Technology in 1996. That night blew my mind. Future Forces, Ed Rush, Fierce, DJ Kane. As I mentioned earlier, this really cemented the possibilities of dark d&b into place for me.

Which ideas did you have about the Colombian DnB scene before you came here? What are your thoughts about our country and the DnB scene in Bogotá so far?

I saw some pictures of Dom & Roland playing there and it looked great. He only had great things to say about, so when the offer came along I was really excited. The party was really good, although I heard complaints about the sound. I loved Bogota very much. Crazy busy city. Very friendly people. I loved the Ajiaco!

What in your opinion is the state of drum and bass nowadays and what is the future challenge?

It’s doing better than ever before. It’s become a worldwide industry. I think the future challenge is for fans of the genre to realize that there is more to it than the Beatport Top 20. There are so many talented producers out there worth checking out that hardly get any support.

Could you tell us about your future plans in music?


Right now we are working on a new album, at the same time we also have a bunch of remixes and collaborations happening with people like Gein, Cooh, Current Value, Dean Rodell, Machine Code, Forbidden Society, The Panacea, Katharsys and many more!

Many thanks for giving us this interview!
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Check the live recording from the event in Bogotá, Colombia.
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