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DJ Hyperactive

DJ Hyperactive is a name most people in the Midwest, specifically in Chicago, would associate with any one of the numerous mix tapes that reverberated throughout all of Chicago’s record shops, warehouses, and raves in the early 90’s. A Chicago born and bred south sider who jumped in the game in the early 80’s like many of the other pioneers amidst this historical city at a time where the dawn of House music rapidly took it’s horizon. So from the explosion of mix tapes flooding the underground techno scene the call to the stage quickly followed and where the first half of the 90’s that was centered solely on collecting vinyl, making tapes, and djing, the days to follow would diversify quickly. In 1990, DJ Hyperactive’s focus shifted to the studio thus marking the beginning of a barrage of releases on countless labels at a time where Chicago bred Techno and it’s producers were getting a lot of attention. After 20 releases on his Chicago based Contact Record label as well as numerous releases on other foundational Midwest labels such as: Communiqué, Drop Bass, Sounds, and Smile NYC, etc. his demand grew locally, nationally, and overseas overnight. So after dozens of releases later, gigs in Europe multiplied as his production broke the confines of the American base labels thus breaking off a series of instant classics such as Venus and Wide Open on Missile, Reptilian Tank on Contact, Planet of Drums and I’m Only Buggin LP on Cari Lekebusch’s Hybrid imprint. We speed forward and Wide Open gets a remix by Berghain Resident Len Faki and races to the top of Beatport’s Techno Top 100 Chart and holds the #2 spot for over 6 weeks. Months later and it is still flirting in the top 20. DJ Hyperactive is now running 4 Track Recordings and the story continues. Soon thereafter, he played at all the top shows with all the top DJ’s in the Midwest sharing as one of the resident DJ’s of the Material night at Shelter alongside Chicago legends Derrick Carter, Diz, Spencer Kincey, Joshua Werner. You couldn’t pick up a flyer without seeing his name top billing whenever and wherever he played. Chicago’s favorite per 1000 Words poll back in 1994. If you grew up in the Midwest, this man, perhaps more than any other was a part of your dance music childhood. DJ Hyperactive hails from the south side of Chicago, where he honed his dj’ing and producing skills for the past 20 years. Hyperactive started out as a DJ and 15 years ago, made the transition into producing as well. To date, he has released over 100 projects and remixes for labels such as Figure, Droid, Plus 8, Contact, Hybrid, Missile, Communiqué, Drop Bass, Planet of Drums, Smile, Analog, Saboteur, High Octane, Uppercut and his own label imprint, 4 Track Records. As a DJ/Artist, Hyperactive’s popularity took off rapidly due to his DJ skills and frequent releases, and became a very sought after DJ/Artist worldwide. He is renowned for playing at many of the top clubs/events in the U.S. and overseas. The list includes some of the top clubs and events such as, “The Orbit” in Leeds”, The “Liquid Room” in Tokyo, and “Love Parade” 1996 in Berlin. In 1997, Hyperactive relocated to Southern California, where he continues to produce under the name of DJ Hyperactive, but also has produced under aliases Joe Manu, Samoan Acid Stomper, and Drumaddik.

Now living in Chicago, Hyperactive resumes pressing 4trk on vinyl. With heavy requests to remix for some of the top labels in the game also some re-released remix projects of old Hypr classiscs..!


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