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German/Mauritian techno-DJ and producer HardtraX was born in West Germany in 1981. He discovered his love for electronic underground music at the age of eleven before he made his first experiencies in producing techno in 1997. At that time, he used tracker software on Amiga computers to produce various tracks in different styles of music ranging from techno, to deep house, acid, tech-house, trance, ambient, jungle and hardcore. Then, after a two-years-break he focussed on producing hard underground techno tunes and occasionally composing hardcore tracks. In 2001 he met Jackhamma and in 2002 they started producing together and have been performing live on several locations in Germany as “HardtraX vs. Jackhamma”. After having released some tracks and remixes on different labels (Plug’n’Play Rec., Distorted Rec. etc.), HardtraX teamed up with Jackhamma to found their label “Dark Force Recordings” in 2003 as a platform for their numerous hard, dark and straight-forward techno-tracks. Their first record on Dark Force Recordings named “Evil Frequencies” reflect their hard-hitting, yet atmospheric, twisted and kicking technostyle. The following releases were also used to promote other artists and new talents in order to show the complexity and diversity of their preferred styles of techno music. HardtraX has released on several other labels (for e.g. Tool Terror, Cannibal Society Records, Matame Records, Crowbar Records, Friendly Fire Records, Methadon Records) and had gigs as a DJ aswell as live along with Jackhamma in several locations in Germany and abroad (Colombia, France, USA, Malta, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine, Belgium, Netherlands, Venezuela etc.). Furthermore, he is the co-owner of the German hardtechno-label “Plug’n’Play Records” and was amongst the first artists to shape the sound of a musical style that is nowadays known as “hardtechno” and has thousands of followers worldwide. His 2011 album “The Advocate Of Hate” (a follow-up to his 2005 album “What I Stand For Speaks For Itself”) is  the perfect showcase of his work, and was released as a free MP3 download to oppose the recent trend of low-quality pay-downloads in this genre.


Dark Force Recordings 001: HardtraX vs. Jackhamma – Evil Frequencies EP
Dark Force Recordings 002: V/A – More Than Just Hate EP
Plug’n’Play 02: incl. Sinclair – Bugfix (HardtraX Remix)
Distorted 001: OBI vs. HardtraX – Some Hard Shit For Your Woofers
TekkTribe01R: incl. OBI – Gehoersturz 1 (HardtraX Remix)
Methadon Rec. 003: incl. HardtraX & Jackhamma – Geknüppel (Tomash Gee Remix)
Distorted 003: HardtraX vs. OBI – She Is Asking For Trouble
Friendly Fire Rec. 3: V/A – Friendly Fire Vol.2
Crowbar 7: HardtraX – Evil Frequencies 2k4
Dark Force Recordings 004: Jackhamma vs. HardtraX – Behind Enemy Lines
Tool Terror 03: HardtraX – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You
Friendly Fire Rec. 6: HardtraX vs. Arkus P. – Reaching For The Thrill
Dark Force Recordings 005: HardtraX vs. Jackhamma – Annihilation And Terror
Matame Records 001: The Chosen Live Illegal incl. HardtraX – Screaming For Vengeance
Combat Skill Records 008: incl. DJ OCRAM – Welcome To Your Doom (HardtraX Remix)
USB Rec. 001: incl. Dave Demon & HardtraX – Threatening You
Combat Skill Records 009: Invexis, Tadox & HardtraX – Metal Wheels EP incl. the tracks “Terminate” and “The Standard”
Cannibal Society Records 005: HardtraX – Belgian Nightlife EP
Matame Records 003: Matraka incl. Janie & HardtraX – My Destiny
Matando 001: Jav & Janie – The Book incl. HardtraX Remix
Dark Force Recordings 007: Janie & HardtraX – Prisoner Of Solitude
Skull Tunes 027: HardtraX – In Full Effect EP
Cannibal Society Records 008: incl. DJ Mahatma – Thank You Bas! (HardtraX Remix)
3SRecordings 002: incl. GreG NoTiLL vs. HardtraX – Mental Degeneration
Domestic Violence 001: HardtraX – Open Secret EP
Plug’n’Play 004: HardtraX vs. Mike Drama – We Bring You Anger
Dark Force Recordings 008: Integra & Darkside – Angry Germans incl. HardtraX vs. Jackhamma RMX
Mental Torments Rec. 001: HardtraX/Mike Drama/Leo Laker – Sick Tricks
Domestic Violence 002: incl. HardtraX vs. Mike Drama – Mindsweeper
Cannibal Society Records 017: HardtraX vs. Mike Drama – Messing With Your Head
D-Fork Rec. 002: incl. HardtraX – I Got You Sucker
Subviolenz 004: incl. HardtraX vs. Mike Drama – Anti Psychotic
Beatboost 003: incl. HardtraX – Music For Restless Minds
Artillery 18: HardtraX – Inferno EP


Appearances on compilations:

Schranz Total 6.0
Schranz Total 11.0
Schranz Total 12.0
Schranz Total 13.0
Schranz Total 15.0
Schranz Total 16.0
Schranz Total 17.0
Schranz Total 18.0
Schranz Total 21.0
Meet Me mixed by DJ Rush
Schranz & Loops Vol. 3
Schranzzz! mixed by Misa Salacova (“X-Mag” music magazine cover-CD)
Palazzo Mix CD Vol.5 mixed by PET Duo
Raving Nightmare – A Brutal Truth
Dark Force Hard Tekkno Mix Compilation Vol.1
Dance With The Devilz Compilation
rAw Essentials .05 mixed by DJ Amok


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