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Malke|Interview| Hardtechno

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CCPAR hooks up with one of the finest DJs and Producers of hard techno from Brazil.. Malke!
In his early 20´s, Malke became known in the South American Hard Techno scene. However, his real DJing success was found in Europe, a continent that took him to its heart and quickly warmed to his unique studio style of diamond-edged, vibrant, daring productions and mixes. What was to evolve into his trademark “Malke+E-Drum” was honed over years of prolific output as writer, producer and remixer. He has succeeded in hard techno music with his unique style. While checking the mix he did for CCPAR Podcasts Series (Click Here), don´t miss this interview where you can read what he has to say!


Could you please introduce yourself to the CCPAR audience? Who is Malke?

Hello to all Colombian hard music lovers, my name is Mario Malke, I am from Brazil and I work as a music producer / musician and DJ. I´m Happy to share some words with you guys.

How did you get involved in hard techno music?

It happened when some friends invited me for a Hard Techno private party in my home country, I saw some very good local DJs rocking the dance floor and instantly I felt amazed by this style!

What did you struggle with most when you first started out DJing and producing?

When I started DJing (back in 2006) the first challenge I had to beat was the pitch matching, before I could do it at a perfect level I couldn’t be satisfied with my sets, so I think it was the main thing at beginning of my DJ career.
When it came to producing I was struggling to get a good audio quality. Then I started studying musical production at the University of Sao Paulo. In my course I was learning a lot from some of the main experts of the topic, they are amazing audio engineers and have recorded and produced mainstream jazz, rock, and pop bands. The only problem I found was that in my opinion not every word about audio theory fits into Hard Techno music, so the main difficulty for me was to get a good quality and still sound like raw / aggressive Hard Techno.

Tell us about the music you make. How would you describe it and how is it special or different to other people´s?

I make protest and aggressive music in a “danceable and jumpable” way. It is my way to put out my internal concerns. I think that the people who follow me gets identified by 2 main reasons – or they just hear me and dance and jump 🙂 or they just share this concept of exposing their inner chaotic thoughts through hard music.

What inspired you to dive into Dj Sets with E-Drum?

Before my destiny met Hard Techno, I used to play the drums with Metal music bands; it was and still is a real passion for me. So after I was addicted to producing and DJing I just felt like doing all my passions at the same performance and thought that it could give a great sensorial experience for my crowds.

What production tools and equipment do you use when producing?

The DAW I use is the Ableton Live, I also record a lot onmy beloved guitar (Ibanez ) and my electronic drum (Roland TD9kx2). The analog synth I use the most is the “Novation Mininova” which is super cool for intuitive composition. My sound card and AD/DC is the RME FIREFACE UCX and studio monitors Dynaudio dbm50.

When it comes to working in the studio, what are some of the processes that you employ?

I apply almost the same process I used to do with my metal bands….which is to sit with the acoustic guitar or on the drums and try to compose a riff, a melody or a rhythm and then develop the track from that raw idea.

What does your workings with Lukas and Buchecha mean to you as a Dj and producer?

Working with other artists is something that I always like to do, cause it is a great exchange of information and points of view that always makes you a more mature and better professional. It is truly said that “You can always learn something from anyone”, so imagine when it comes from talented people like Lukas and Buchecha.


What makes a good DJ in your eyes?

The ability to connect with your crowd without dropping only hits to the dance floor. For me the 2 main points of a good DJ are: make the dance floor go wild and musically educate them. If a dj can do that and along with having an impressive technique then it’s great!

EDM today isn’t as good as it used to be”. Does hard techno fit into this premise? Discuss.

I don’t know if I agree with that, because today there are so many independent artists that I don’t believe that people have made a proper and vast research to claim that today isn’t as good as before. It is something I always hear in all a generations and in all genres “before was better”, and I definitely don’t agree with that. I hear that in rock music, in Techno, in Hardcore, in commercial but in 10 years’ time we are going to hear that 10 years before was better and the contemporary music sucks…. Music should develop, change, adapt, recreate to keep surprising us, I think people should be more open to new ideas and don’t refuse anything different from what they have been listening to recently.

What are the future challenges for hard techno music?

It is a good question that I keep talking with my close friends and work mates. In my point of view we need some different kind of live performances. A hard techno band would be awesome, is something that I have tried many times but it is no easy task at all. When it comes to producing I think our next challenge is to surprise the audience again making something that would get attention from fans of other genres as well.

What can we expect from your sets?

Musical aggressiveness mixing with my personality, and rhythm diversity executed by hard drums


Three tunes that never leave your bag…

Scott Kemix – Before I awake

Malke – Tribute to Masters

Seema – Trivial Musik


Can you think of any good upcoming hard techno dj´s or producers to recommend our readers?

About djing Diogo Ramos, no doubt about it!

Some new producers I like are Theo Jahlion, Slugos, Golpe and Withecker

What are your thoughts on the electronic music scene in South America?

 Friendly and excited crowd, love to play there. The scene itself is not solid yet; it means that it goes up and down very often. A good thing and important to point out is that I see more and more good artists coming from South America.

Apart from music, what do you enjoy doing the most?

 Drinking beer! Apart from that passion I like to do some sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, cooking, and share some laughs with my girlfriend, my pets, friends and family. I know you asked apart from music but I really enjoy just sitting with my acoustic guitar and jamming a bit.

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