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Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Hardtechno / Breakbeat

Melting Pot Records is a Spanish drum and bass label with releases from the deepest and most sophisticated techstep and neurofunk to the hardest and darkest technoid and darkstep

‘Melting Pot’ literally means, a dish made out of different ingredients blended together, creating a homogeneous mix. Applied as a metaphor in social studies, the Melting Pot would mean a mix of cultures. The belief in the fact that people from different cultures are well capable of adaptation into the new society which they arrive to, bringing elements from their own backgrounds and blending them to create a new cultural manifestation, it´s the social phenomenon that inspired Gonzalo Rubio Mollá to start up his own music label, as far back now as September 2004.

Integrating different musical styles all in one same project was the reason to take that decision. An eclectic label opened to any sound, even thought as time passed Drum & Bass became the main focus point.

Melting Pot Records´activity can be divided into three main areas:

1. Music Label:

‘Melting Pot’; ‘Filthy Sanchez’; ‘The Digital Pot’; ‘Meltdown Dubs’; ‘Boycott’; ‘Da Putas Clan’; and ‘Switch Frequencies’, are all part of ’Melting Pot Records’ music group.

Constancy is the key on this label. In it´s first years vinyl was the only format to release their music on, but in 2007 two important steps were taken forward: making their whole catalog available in digital format and creating a brand new digital imprint: “THE DIGITAL POT”. These operations increased the label´s reputation in the worldwide drum and bass scene.

One of the main motivations in the label has always been to boost the local scene, and that´s why Spanish artists always have a preference whithin the project.

Hot releases from producers such as Krone; Malsum; Strago; Dub Elements; Mooncat; Vengeanze; eRRe; Neomind; Kung and Dr. Chekill, all of them from Spain, are helping to stablish a local sound which stands up to the industry´s highest standards.

A great amount of seriousness and clever thinking has enabled the label to work with a good bunch of international dnb artists: Bulletproof; Psidream; Katharsys; Lethal; Counterstrike; Gancher; Kenei; Zardonic; BrainfuzZ; Hallucinator; Eleventh Sun…

“Melting Pot” has reached a balance between established artists and rookies, combining experience with freshness, serving as a launchpad for newcomers and giving continuity to the more experienced, in an effort to gather the skills and knowledge from everyone and releasing the most futuristic and innovative sounds.

From the first release in October 2005, the catalog has been rising both in quantity and in quality.

Up this day, the whole catalog containing all its labels: Melting Pot; Filthy Sanchez; Da Putas Clan; Boycott; Switch Frequencies, Meltdown Dubs and The Digital Pot, add up to over forty releases in the market.

2.- The Shop:

In September 2007 ‘Melting Pot Records’ takes one more step ahead and opens up it´s official Head Quarters in Prosperidad, Madrid Area. The small but cheerful store packed with fresh vinyl is a great way to bring the label closer to the scene. Since the early days, an online vinyl shop was active, but now with the new “real” shop it became clear how important was to keep both (real & online) biz up to date. Since then, Melting Pot became the main importer for certain underground styles in Spain.

The Shop´s specialized in Drum & Bass, Dubstep Ragga Jungle and Hardtek, but you can find in it´s crates many different styles which they consider interesting and enjoy such as Rap, Battle Tools, Break Beat, Electro, Minimal, Breakcore, Hardcore, Reggae, Dub and even a classic vinyl section with essential releases from Kraftwerk, The Cure, The Clash, Santana, Sister Sledge or Michael Jackson to name a few.

Every week there´s new material coming in from vinyl to DJ tools, and a Newsletter is sent with all this info, plus new releases, agenda…..

To suscribe to the Newsletter an Email must be sent to:

3.- Services (Label Management, Vinyl Pressing & CD burning, DJ Classes, Merchandising)

In the latest years Melting Pot has started offering services such as Label Management and vinyl pressing (with very competitive prices), helping artists developing their own projects, and offering labels Management plans to start up and / or improve their administrative tasks.

These are the labels that are already pressing their vinyls with MPR, some of them are also taking an advantage from the Label Management service:


The latest service implemented is the DJ School: Three experienced DJ´s and an external collaborator taking care of turntablism techniques offer their knowledge to train anyone into the mixing techniques and to be able to professionally develop a live performance.

Also a new service is about to be launched, offering it´s clients full promo-support through customized merchandising: Clothing, Accessories, Stickers, Flyers, etc…

– Label Manager: Gonzalo Rubio – GON
– Co-Manager: Jonathan Key – Joda aka 417
– Label Assistant: Javier Jiménez – Neomind
– Shop/Label Assistant: Javier Sebastián – Jah Bug
– Graphic Designers: Ibrahim Pedernera (Malsum)/ Paula Vélez (Citrik) / Caroline Thiriet
– Sound Engineer: Alvaro Paniagua
– Melting Pot Records Colombia: Diego Quintero (Bassassin)


– Gon
– Citrik
– Jodabitch aka 417
– Jabo aka JahBug
– Mooncat
– Malsum
– Neomind
– Mr. Sick

Address: Melting Pot Records C/ Eugenio Salazar 47 – Local 7 28002 Madrid No hay horario fijo de apertura. Para concertar cita: +34 660 796 189

Follow Melting Pot Records:

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