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CCPAR Podcast 110 | DJ Buzz Fuzz

CCPAR Podcasts Series
DJ Buzz Fuzz (The Netherlands)
Hardcore Edition


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El CCPAR se siente privilegiado de acoger a un artista que ha contribuido enormemente en la escena Hardcore por más de 20 años. ¡Él fue nombrado mejor productor de Hardcore en los años 1997 y 1998 respectivamente!

Este artista también es miembro del “Hardcore super group” el cual inicio a principios de los 90´s- el renombrado The Dreamteam, con DJ Dano, DJ Gizmo y The Prophet quién fué miembro hasta el año 2013.

Estamos hablando de Mark Vos , a.k.a DJ Buzz Fuzz….

¡Quién desde nuestra perspectiva es uno de los verdaderos maestros del Early Hardcore!

Respect the Buzz!!!




The CCPAR feel privileged to welcome an artist who has contributed massively to the Hardcore scene for over 20 + years. He was named best Hardcore producer in 1997 and 1998 respectively!

This artist is also a member of the Hardcore super group which started in the early 90s-
-The Dreamteam, with DJ Dano, DJ Gizmo and The Prophet who was also a member up and till 2013…

We are talking about Mark Vos , a.k.a DJ Buzz Fuzz….

Who in our view is one of the true masters of Early Hardcore!

Respect the Buzz!!!




Buzz Fuzz, a.k.a. Mark Vos is born in Amsterdam on March 12, 1969. He is a renowned deejay in the hardcore scene. He started his deejay career in the year 1987 with mixing hiphop and swingbeat at the Zorba in Amsterdam. In 1991, being inspired by a live-performance of dj The Prophet he decides to focus solely on hardcore house. After a considerable time, he achieves to establish himself in the hardcore scene and later he would receive bookings from Hellraiser, Thunderdome, Dance Valley and Multigroove. He became an internationally renowned deejay in the hardcore scene. Together with DJ Dano, The Prophet and DJ Gizmo he formed the Dreamteam.

Currently, Buzz Fuzz makes remixes for The Prophet, The Masochist, 3 Steps Ahead, Jeremy, Public Domain, Daydream & Maddy, Rotterdam Terror Corps, DJ Gizmo, DJ Promo, The Darkraver, Rob Gee and many more! He makes use of various pseudonyms including Pino D’Ambini, Bertocucci Feranzano, Bumble Bee and dj Stuka.

BUZZ FUZZ has played all over the world in such places as Australia, USA, Russia, Canada, and of course all over Europe!

He was awarded “Best Hardcore Producer” by Thunder Magazine, “Best Remixer”, as well as “Best Record Label” for his BZRK Records, which today is one of the best selling hardcore labels in the Netherlands, in addition to TRIPAX Records. He is part of the legendary DreamTeam – a group of DJs/Producers consisting of Gizmo, Dano, The Prophet, and Buzz Fuzz.

Buzz Fuzz started out in 1991 playing HipHop and R&B from ’86 to ’90. In ’92 he won the Dutch House DJ Championships, and started producing records for such labels as Combined Forces, ID&T, Traxtorm, D-Boy, Industrial Strength, Bonzai, and Adam. Some of his smashing tracks include “Frequencies”, “Hey!”, “XTC-Love”, “Jealousy is a M.F.”, “Men Of Teflon”,SOS Message In A Bottle”,”My Imagination”,”Kickz Of Steel” and “Beathooverzz”



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