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Dave Paalhaar born 19-10-1982 is one of the many exponents of the Twente region in The Netherlands. He grew up with hiphop, but because of his brother’s musical input, he found out that something else was his cup of tea. Rudeboy discovered a new sound, and instantly fell in love with the hardest life form of music.

He took a course on DJ-ing at youth centre ‘Radar’, where he met guys like Tomcat, Osiris, Prowler, Cemon Victa and many other artists that took their first steps in hardcore at that location. Their mentor was The Vinyl Junk, who was responsible for organizing these dj-courses at ‘Radar’. An initiative for what we have to be thankful for, as these courses were also the days where a golden generation of artists started their careers like T-Junction & Osiris, Cixx, Prowler and Cemon Victa.

Rudeboy teamed up with Tomcat after a while. After their reputation got bigger and bigger, the got offered a deal with Masters of Hardcore in 2007. This led to bookings on parties like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Syndicate and Bassleader. Besides many gigs in the Netherlands, they also rocked countries like Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Swiss and France.

Besides the on stage collaboration with Tomcat, Rudeboy is also part of the Eastside Connection live-act. This formation is a joint venture between Twente’s supreme ambassadors T-Junction, Tomcat, Rudeboy and MC Syco. The act was founded in 2009 to gather the forces of four individuals for one project. The Eastside Connection has performed at several events like international editions of Masters of Hardcore, Army of Hardcore and E.S.U.

Besides being a DJ and part of a live-act, Dave also spends a lot of time in the studio, producing some bad ass hardcore. Dave doesn’t care about being credible or whatever, he wants to see the dance floor go insane. His DJ-focus is translated to his productions, where melodies, samples and breaks meet raging kickdrums and terrifying basslines. His discography contains smashes like “Alles Kut Enter”, “TNT”, “Soul of A Warrior”, “Organized Confusion” and “Men of Violence” ( all produced with Tomcat), but Dave will release some solo-tracks as well in the near future. He also remixed two tracks with his brother T-Junction which had quite an impact: their remix of “The World Will Shiver” was a hit, but they really cracked it with their remix of Jeremy’s “The Flow”. As a part of the Eastside Connection, Dave had hits with “Strong Individual”, “Our Message” and of course “Superior Minds”.

Besides his duo-performances with Tomcat and the Eastside Connection live-act, Rudeboy is now also available for your event as a solo-DJ, still causin’ “Organized Confusion” on the dancefloor!


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