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CCPAR Podcast 139 |Treachery

Treachery (USA)
Exclusive Studio Mix
DnB Series



¡CCPAR recibe el 2016 con Treachery… La dama de la destrucción suprema que entrega para ustedes este oscuro podcast de drum & bass para iniciar el año con estilo!


¡Una descarga del más oscuro, pesado y sucio DNB que abusará de tus oidos y te dejará sin aliento!






CCPAR welcomes 2016 with Treachery… The lady of ultimate destruction who delivers for you this dark drum & bass mix to start the year in style!

Pounding the darkest, hardest and filthiest DNB to rape your ears and rip your face off




  1. Arrakis (Noisia remix)
    2. Jim Skyner (Evol Intent & Eye-D)
    3.Suicide (Eye-D)
    4. Tear your soul apart (cooh remix) Counterstrike & Donny
    5. Something terrible (Current Value & Donny)
    6. Speed Bump (dj Hidden & Eye-D)
    7. The watchers (Katharsys remix) Donny & Counterstrike
    8. Virus (dj Hidden remix) Dylan
    9. Rain ( Eye-D, Dj hidden)
    10. Warden (Counterstrike remix) GEIN
    11. Reptiles (Katharsys)
    12. He will find us (Limewax)
    13. Falling believers (Switch technique)
    14. Senseless Society (Outside agency, Switch Technique)
    15. Evil has no boundaries (dj hidden remix) Cativo
    16. The first evil VIP (dj hidden)
    17. The deal (limewax)
    18. Blind Universe (dj hidden)
    19. ID (The Panacea remix) MachineCode
    20. Always and never (limewax)
    21. Greed (Philth, p-fine)
    22. Revolution (Eye-D remix) zardonic, counterstrike, gein, Robyn Chaos
    23. All lies (hostage)
    24. The truth (Dylan, kitech, Robyn chaos)

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